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At Clear Law, we will check against previous cases to determine roughly how much compensation you may be entitled to receive as a result of your claim with us.

Actual damages for injuries, known as general damages, are not particularly generous in the UK and so taking hearing loss as an example it is common to see awards of between £5000 and £20,000* being made for the actual hearing loss and/or tinnitus itself. However, on top of any general damages we will also investigate a second payment for special damages which include but are not restricted to:

  • Loss of earnings – both past and future
  • Loss of pension
  • Handicap in the open labour market

The value of special damages are specific to each individual and will be dependent upon many factors, including your age, but they can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds thus dwarfing the general damages award.

The only way we can value your case is by talking to you and finding out about your full circumstances.

Contact us now, free of charge and without obligation, so that we can see what you may be entitled to

*Figures taken from Judicial College Guidelines, 2019 edition. These are indicative only and not a guarantee of any award you may receive.

If you would like to know you can go about claiming please call us free of charge and without obligation on 0800 122 3036 or take our 15 second test and fill in your details and one of our specialists will contact you to discuss your claim free of charge and without obligation.